Introducing HOPE Business In A Box (HBIAB) Crowdfunding!

Operation HOPE is excited to announce its newest branch of HOPE Business In A Box, HBIAB Crowdsourcing. This platform will revolutionize the way aspiring entrepreneurs access capital and get on their way to starting a business. The future of fundraising is in crowdfunding and our new platform will allow participants in the HBIAB program to leverage their own social media networks and intuitive marketing abilities to advertise and fundraise for their business by being given their own dedicated fundraising tool.

Students with business plans and ambition who fail to win the seed funding to start their business after their HBIAB pitch event, can use HOPE's soon to be announced crowdsourcing platform to fundraise on their own. The beauty of this, is that HBIAB participants will get out of this tool, what they put in. Students who send their page to friends and relatives through social media, e-mail, and text messages will see the immediate benefits of their hard work. Those who make the most posts on Twitter, and update their friends with their progress to reaching their goal on Facebook, will receive the most attention and donations. This platform is also fully smartphone accessible and donations can be made through any smartphone's web browser.

You can search through all of the businesses that are raising money for their launch by entering the entrepreneur's name on the right. Once you've found a business or entrepreneur who you feel a connection to and want to support, give them a tax-deductible donation to get their business off the ground in any dollar amount you feel comfortable giving. We are thrilled by the capacity of this new HOPE initiative and we hope we can count on you as a supporter.

HBIAB Crowdfunding transforms a youth's imagination and drive into a business, giving that young entrepreneur a learning opportunity with real financial rewards. We want to help turn passions into pathways to careers at Operation HOPE allowing young adults a chance to envision a future for themselves in the workplace. This initiative is a part of Project 5117, Operation HOPE's plan to rapidly promote financial inclusion by 2020 and you can learn more about this work at:


Meet some of the fundraisers that are part of this campaign

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